Brazilian technology that makes a difference in the world, and is exported to countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Technological innovation permeates all the Group’s businesses. Our manufacturing unit is one of the most advanced in the sector in Latin America, and is now a reference in the market.


Sustainability because we are committed to seeking and offering processes and products with the lowest environmental impact, by using renewable energy sources, proper waste disposal and energy efficiency.

employees<br />
in Brazil

in Brazil

We are strategically located
40 minutes from São Paulo or Santosantos

savings on<br />
electricity bills

savings on
electricity bills

We managed to reduce the bill by up to
40% with the use of solar energysolar

Leader for over<br />
20 years

Leader for over
20 years

24 years ago we acquired Soma and
took over control of the companytrole

To provide customers with innovative products and services, with technical and quality excellence, helping to improve the performance of their products and processes.

Our Vision
To be a reference in quality, efficiency and management model for customers, employees and suppliers in a globalized market, becoming a company prepared for international competition.


Honesty, integrity, respect for employees, community and business partners, reliability, transparency in business and preservation of the environment.

The Group

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Soma is the largest electromagnetic steel lamination and core company in South America. We produce quality laminations that offer value and productivity to the industry, as well as durability and safety to the final product. We are proud of the work that we have been doing for over two decades.

Founded by Grupo Soma in 2008, Pro-Sol is a manufacturer of solar heating systems (SAS), consisting of thermal reservoirs and collectors. It offers products that have a great cost-benefit and excellence, along with an experienced team. Its products are tested and certified by the strictest standards on the market.

Acquired in 2021, it has a vast portfolio consisting of solar water heating systems for bathing and swimming pools, in addition to heat pumps. Heliotek is also the official and exclusive distributor of Bosch gas heaters in the country, responsible for importing, distributing and supporting this product line.


Historic Landmarks


Tempel Steel Co. arrives in Brazil

Tempel Steel Co., headquartered in Chicago (USA), arrives in Brazil. The following year it is established in Ribeirão Pires (state of São Paulo), in the same plant where Grupo Soma is located to this day.


Soma is born

Soma was born as a result of the purchase of the Brazilian subsidiary of Tempel Steel Co.


The largest lamination stamping

Soma seized the opportunities to nationalize previously imported electromagnetic steel laminations and cores. By investing in machines, processes and people, it became the largest stamping company in the sector in Brazil.


Start of aluminum injection operations

Soma remains strategic and an important milestone this year was the start of the aluminum injection operations. In 2006, the second building and manufacturing area was built.


A new company is born: Pro-Sol

Three Soma partners and three other businessmen found the solar heaters and collectors manufacturer that quickly became the leader in the HIS (Social Interest Housing) market.


Pro-Sol stood out in popular housing projects

In a short time, Pro-Sol has already gained prominence by participating in large popular housing projects, strongly pursuing this niche in the following years.


Soma becomes Grupo Soma by taking control of Pro-Sol

At the end of this year, Grupo Soma is formed with the acquisition of full control of Pro-Sol capital, unifying the company and having the same shareholding structure for both companies.


Pro-Sol is fully transferred to Ribeirão Pires (state of São Paulo)

Pro-Sol, which previously operated in the neighboring city of Mauá (state of São Paulo), is fully transferred to Ribeirão Pires (state of São Paulo) and to the new building built at the Group’s manufacturing plant.


Grupo Soma acquires Heliotek Termotecnologia

Grupo Soma acquires from Bosch, one of the major players in the solar heating systems market: Heliotek Termotecnologia. It therefore becomes the Bosch gas heaters distributor in the country.


The union of Pro-Sol and Heliotek results in the largest company in this sector in LA

The union of solar heating market companies resulted in the largest company in Latin America, in the increase of 3 thousand m² of manufacturing area, in the expansion of the product portfolio and strong retail presence.


What do we expect from the future?

In 2023, Grupo Soma will complete 25 years since the first company was founded. Our infrastructure has a total occupied area of 43.4 thousand m², of which 14.6 thousand m² is the manufacturing area, offices for around 260 employees, strategically located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.
We believe in creating jobs, and we are committed to the preservation of nature, the use of clean energy and society.

Latest News

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